Zu Plun è oggi la distilleria delle Dolomiti che produce gin, rum, distillati e grappe con ingredienti di montagna. Teniamoci in contatto.

Our gin

The Zu Plun Gin is distilled only from herbs and ingredients grown in the Dolomites. The herbs typically used in the production of gin are reasonably replaced or integrated with herbs grown in the Dolomites, after an accurate study carried out by the local chemist. The secret that lies behind the high quality of the product is easy to explain: wildings and herbs growing in the area of Schlern Mountain and the indispensable lemon zest from Garda Lake.

Dol Gin primo gin distillato in Italia
Dol gin

The first Gin distilled in the Dolomites with 24 alpine herbs, lemon from Garda Lake and elderflower.

Yellow gin - Zu Plun
Yellow Gin

Modern and summery Gin produced by using herbs and botanicals of the Garda Lake which embodies “the true spirit of Garda Lake”.

Salz Gin Zu Plun
Salz gin

Gin produced by using filtered and partially demineralized water coming from a salt mine on Sylt Island in the North Sea.

grenoir gin zu plun

A Mediterranean Gin which perfectly combines juniper with lemon, wild fennel, mint and pomegranate.