Zu Plun è oggi la distilleria delle Dolomiti che produce gin, rum, distillati e grappe con ingredienti di montagna. Teniamoci in contatto.

Distillates from the Dolomites

Firma Florian Rabanser

“It is not necessary to be crazy to distill a great liquour, but it helps immensely”. A 14th-century document already mentioned the Plunhof at Siusi allo Sciliar (Seis am Schlern). In the past, the company was part of the land properties of the Hauenstein Castle and was therefore owned by no less than poet Oswald von Wolkenstein. Yet not even his vivid fantasy might have imagined that world-class and internationally famous fine spirits and fruit liquours would be born here, 1000 metres above sea level.

Zu Plun

Today, Zu Plun is the distillery of the Dolomites that makes gins, rhums, liquours and grappas using mountain ingredients. The Dol Gin, made with Dolomitic plants, is certainly the one that best represents this area. There are many traces of this region in this liquour. The one that is probably most suited to the current trends is the Yellow Gin, in which the juniper aroma is enriched with the essence of lemons from the Garda region. The Grenoir is made with pomegranate, and finally the Salz Gin is enriched with salt and oysters.