Zu Plun è oggi la distilleria delle Dolomiti che produce gin, rum, distillati e grappe con ingredienti di montagna. Teniamoci in contatto.

Our herbs grappa

Zu Plun grappa made of Dolomites herbs are of an outstanding sensory quality. They convey charm and spine, their taste is intense and embracing.

Distillato di genziana Enzian - Zu Plun
Gentian Grappa

The Gentian is made of Gentiana Punctata, spotted gentian from Seiser Alm.

Distillato di sorbo Zu Plun
Rowan Grappa

Brandy made of Spitzbühl rowans from Seiser Alm, with a velvety smooth and finely spiced taste.

Distillato di ribes Zu Plun
Currants Grappa

The currants brandy Johannisbeere is made of blackcurrants which grow at almost 900 meters above sea level nearby the distillery in Aica di Fiè.