Zu Plun è oggi la distilleria delle Dolomiti che produce gin, rum, distillati e grappe con ingredienti di montagna. Teniamoci in contatto.

``Old`` Distillates

“Old“ liquours take their aromatic profile, style and deep and warm undertones by being aged in “barriques”.

Distillato di prugne old Zu Plun
Dolomites Plum
Fine old

A liquour made with plums from the mountain areas of South Tyrol, especially around Plunhof.

Grappa moscato Dolomites muscat fine old
Dolomites Muscat
Fine old

A Muscat grappa obtained from three types of Muscat vineyards: yellow, golden and pink.

Grappa Gewürztraminer Old Zu Plun
Traminer Fine old

A grappa with a full, round flavor; a complex taste with a strong flowery aroma, obtained from the marcs of the vineyards in the Termeno region.