Zu Plun è oggi la distilleria delle Dolomiti che produce gin, rum, distillati e grappe con ingredienti di montagna. Teniamoci in contatto.

Dol Gin primo gin distillato in Italia


DOL GIN. With the first gin distilled in the Dolomites, the distillation master at Zu Plun has followed up on witch myths revolving around the Sciliar region. Plenty of old herb knowledge is hidden in this distillation, whose ingredients – with the exception of the lemon rind from Lake Garda – are grown in the Dolomites and on the Alpe di Siusi. Apart from juniper and 24 mountain herbs, its processing also includes fruit stems, blossoms and roots of the mystical elder shrub. The resulting excellent quality is no longer a secret; indeed it has received numerous international awards, as well as being selected as best Italian gin by Gambero Rosso. The Dolomite Gin, to the nose, already reveals a full bouquet of fresh juniper, mountain herbs and freshly ground pepper. To the palate it develops a fruity tang with discreet bitter notes from the gentian root. Harsh, ragged, wild and extremely delicate – because the distillation master Rabanser is convinced that gin from the Dolomites should not taste of vanilla and tropical fruits.

  • Raw material: 24 Dolomite herbs, lemon from Lake Garda + elder
  • Distillation method: discontinuous, distilled twice, heated in a water bath using a copper still
  • Storage/ageing: –
  • Alcohol content: 45 Vol%
  • Content: 0.5 l
  • Colour-clearness: crystal-clear and colourless
  • Nose: Full bouquet of fresh juniper, mountain herbs and freshly ground pepper
  • Palate: Fruity tang with the discreet bitter notes of juniper roots
  • Finish: Aromatic, full-bodied, strongly persistent
  • Suggestion: the distillation master at Plunhof recommends it as basis for traditional Gin Tonic. Less recommended, on the other hand, are currently trend ingredient additions of pepper and cucumber